Lizardmen (Monster)

Lizardmen are reptilian humanoids. They are primitive and nomadic, and usually hunt in packs and wield stone weapons. They are of normal height, with a thick green hide and a mouth full of dagger-like teeth. Lizardmen are widely distributed, and can be found dwelling in caves and tunnels in even arctic conditions.

Lizardman (T8; 1-2 HP; +1 power, +1 reflex) – usually wields a simple weapon, like a stone bludgeon or axe.

Lizardman brute (T8; 5 HP; +2 power) – uncommonly tall and strong; usually wields an imposing weapon, like a stone mace or hammer.

Lizardman hunter (T6; 3 HP; +1 power; +2 reflex) – swift, and slightly brighter than its fellow tribesmen. The hunter uses stealth and subterfuge, preferring to strike from a distance using a blowgun with poison-tipped darts (-2 to attack; T8 aspect save to end).

Lizardman shaman (T7; 3 HP, 3 MP; +1 intellect, +1 reflex) – commands arcane (but weak) dark magic. These shaman have strength in numbers, and will often attempt to overwhelm their opponents with magical attacks. Knows two of the following spells: heal, imprint spell, lightning strikemagic missile.

Lizardman slayer (T10; 4 HP; +2 power) – wears a primitive armor of bound-and-corded bark hardened by flame. They wield crude but savage stone swords (+1 attack), in the fashion of more advanced humanoids. The lizardman slayer has one of the following class abilities:

  • Cleave – during an attack, if your die roll is 10, you gain an extra attack against that target.
  • Wrath – any opponent which deals you damage may invoke your wrath; you gain +2 attack bonus against it (lost if you attack another target).

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