Dark Spells (Spells List)

Dark spells are usually best cast by sorcerers, use the intellect bonus, and are learned through the exploration of dark mind-realms and nameless planes of existence.

  • Blood bind – if an opponent damages you, you may bind your blood to theirs; each time you are injured, they take the damage instead. Cost: 2 MP.
  • Curse – you place a curse on a creature or object of medium size and below. Cost: 3 MP.
    • When cast on a creature, curse can have 1 of the following effects:
      • -1 to damage when attacking for 1d5 + (your level) rounds;
      • Petrification – turned to stone and immobilized for 1d5 rounds;
      • -2 to all rolls for 1d5 + (your level) rounds.
    • When cast on an object, curse can have 1 of the following effects:
      • Implode the object will implode upon being touched, dealing 1d5 damage to all creatures within 10 feet;
      • Leech the object will, if in constant contact with a living creature (worn, carried, or equipped) draw their life force by (your level) HP per day, which you then gain. The victim may spell save once per day to detect the curse;
      • Touching the object will cause the victim to be petrified (see petrification).
  • Dark armor – +1 toughness for an entire combat encounter. Cost: 1 MP.
  • Dark flight – you may fly up to 20 x (your level) feet on one movement turn. Cost: 2 MP.
  • Dark mirror – you may create 1d5 + your level illusory copies of yourself. Targets must overcome your spell save to see through the illusion. Cost: 1 MP (if cast on someone else, 2 MP).
  • Dark persuasion – on a successful persuade check, you may influence a target to share their deepest secrets or act on their darkest desires. Cost: 2 MP.
  • Doppleganger  you may appear as someone else whose actions and mannerisms you have observed closely. Aspect check 5 for every round (or once per minute) you maintain the illusion. Cost: 3 MP.
  • Drain life  your target loses 1d5 HP, which you then gain (may exceed max HP). Cost: 3 MP.
  • Imprint spell – you may temporarily learn one of any spell cast during the active combat encounter and cast it at its cost. Cost: 0 MP.
  • Lightning strike deals 1 damage; attack roll vs toughness. If a 10 is rolled, deals 2 damage. Cost: 0 MP.
  • Madden your target loses half of its intellect and aspect score permanently. Intellect challenge vs target. Cost: 2 MP. Note: If this spell is learned, the caster loses 1 aspect permanently.
  • Phantom dagger you declare your target by pointing a dagger at it, immediately dealing 1 damage. On every following turn, conduct an intellect challenge against the target. If the target fails, it suffers 1 damage; if it succeeds, the spell is cancelled. Requirements: a physical dagger. Cost: 3 MP.
  • Raise the dead – you may reanimate a recently fallen corpse (not to exceed T4; HP4). You must conduct a T5 intellect check once every in-game day to retain control of it. Cost: 2 MP.
  • Spectral hand – may manipulate objects, open/unlock doors, and cause sounds at a range of 10 x (your level) feet. Cost: 1 MP.
  • Summon demon summon demon of 1 + (your toughness) with 1d10 HP. Cost: 3 MP.


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