Sorcerer (Class)

Sorcerers have innate magical abilities, granting them access to the most powerful – and dangerous – spells in the known world. While those spells are drawn from a dark source, sorcerers are not inherently evil.

Toughness 5; uses lightweight weapons only; uses featherweight armor only; +4 magic points.

Sorcerers begin with the following class abilities:

  • Spell-casting (dark) – starts with 2 spells, and may cast dark spells for their cost in magic points; all other spells cost double.
  • Bewitchment – creates small, brief illusion such as lights dimming, shadows darkening, or the caster appearing slightly larger and more intimidating, and more.
  • Resist magic – anytime you are the target of a magical or natural spell attack, conduct an intellect save 10 – your level. If you succeed, the attack is blocked.

Sorcerers may gain additional class abilities upon leveling up:

  • Darken spell – when an ally casts a spell, you can double its effects for half the spell’s cost (rounded up).
  • Prodigious casting – your innate magical abilities are uncannily strong; you gain an additional 1 MP each level advancement (including this one).
  • Spell adept – you gain an additional 1 spell each level advancement (including this one).
  • Possessor – you may possess non-hostile creatures (intellect check 5); hostile creatures require an intellect challenge. Note: Your body is immobilized and unaware when possessing a creature.
  • Familiar – after you have befriended or controlled a non-intelligent creature, you bond it to you with arcane magic. It can then aid you in a number of ways. It may attack once per encounter and may use a single spell you’ve already cast in that encounter. Additionally, your familiar gains another attack if you roll a 1 in combat.


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