Additional Class Abilities (Rules)

Upon advancement, characters gain additional class abilities.


Amplify – your ranged attacks deal +1 additional damage (amplify an ally’s ranged attack at the cost of 1 power point).

Aria of clarity – this song dispels the effects of any disease, poison, spell, or more from yourself or allies. Cost: 2 power points.

Inspire competence – allies gain +1 to all skill checks for your level + 1d5 rounds. Cost: 1 power point.

Inspire fear – up to your level + 1d5 targets must succeed an aspect challenge or suffer -1 to attack for 1d10 rounds. Cost: 1 power point.

Maddening whispers – a target is driven mad by your whispers and suffers a -1 attack and -1 damage penalty for 1d5 rounds. Cost: 2 power point.

Requiem – this song for the dead will kill one target outright (or deal a maximum of 8 damage). Cost: 4 power points.

Slander – poison crowds against an individual or group, causing them to protest, riot, or even attack; aspect challenge versus target.

Sonic armor – reduce the damage of any attack to 1. Cost: 2 power points.

Swashbuckler – gain +1 to reflex and a weapon proficiency.

Wall of sound – create an impenetrable wall of sound that can surround up to a 10-foot radius and lasts for your level + 1d5 rounds. Any entity attempting to defeat, enter, or overcome the wall must save 6; if failed, they suffer 2 damage. Cost: 3 power points.


Bash – deal double damage. Cost: 2 power points.

Cleave – during an attack, if your die roll is 10, you gain an extra attack against that target.

First blood – if you are the first to deal damage in a combat encounter, you gain a +1 attack bonus for 1d5 rounds.

Flesh wound – heal at a rate of 2 hit points per heal check; T6 aspect check to heal others at that rate (requires the heal skill).

Fury – the bloody rage ability now lasts 1d10 + your level rounds.

Menace – you gain a +1 toughness or +1 attack bonus when facing 4 or more opponents at once.

Raider– you gain a +1 bonus to all checks that require concealment or stealth.

Rallying cry – your allies may conduct a T6 aspect check; if succeeded, they gain a +1 attack bonus for one round. Cost: 2 power points.

War cry – you force up to 1d5 + your level opponents to save 6; if failed, they suffer a -1 attack penalty for one round. Cost: 2 power points.

Wrath – any opponent which deals you more than 2 damage in a combat encounter may invoke your wrath; you gain a +1 attack bonus against it (lost if you attack another target).


Brambles – if a melee attack roll targeting you is 1, the attacker suffers 1 damage.

Force of nature – fully restore power points. Cost: 2 magic points.

Guardian – gain +1 additional hit points per level.

Inner peace – the toughness of all aspect checks is reduced by 1.

Life force – heal at a rate of 2 hit points.

Heightened sense – gain a +1 bonus to perception checks when in a natural environment.

Predator – gain a +1 attack bonus when in a natural environment.

Spirit of the moon – gain a +1 attack bonus when in combat beneath the night sky.

Tame beast – tame non-evil beasts that are in groups of 5 or less. Cost: 1 power point.

Wild rage – while in wild growth animal form, you enter a state of rage which grants you +1 toughness, +1 attack, and an additional +1 damage for 1d5 combat rounds.


Bound into battle – if you can jump into a crowd of opponents and attack with surprise, you may immediately make an attack against all adjacent opponents.

Feint – if your attack fails, you may attempt it again; the target suffers -1 to toughness. Cost: 2 power points.

From the shadows – each time you make a ranged attack while hidden by cover or concealment, roll 1d10: on a roll of 8 or higher, the target cannot determine where you are hiding.

Hail of daggers – launch a hail of your level + 1d5 daggers at up to your level amount of targets. Each dagger deals 1 damage. Cost: 3 power points.

Hair trigger – when approached by an enemy while already engaged in combat, you  may immediately make an attack against it. Cost: 1 power point.

Petty thief – the toughness of any check related to thieving is reduced by 2.

Poison strike – if your attack roll is 10, the target is poisoned, and suffers 1 damage per round until reduced to 1 hit point.

Ruthless retaliation – each time an opponent misses a melee attack against you, roll 1d10: on a roll of 10, you gain an attack against that opponent.

Sanguinary – a melee attack with a bladed weapon will deal 1d5 damage. Cost: 2 power points.

Stunning strike – if your attack roll is 10, the target is stunned, and loses its next combat turn.


Army of one – make a melee attack against every opponent within striking range. Cost: 1 power point per opponent.

Battle bound – if an opponent you are engaging in melee combat attempts to flee or move out of melee range, you gain an attack against them as they do.

Challenge – force an enemy to make an aspect challenge against you; if you succeed, they must engage you in combat. You gain +1 toughness against that enemy. Cost: 1 power point.

Brawl – gain a +2 power bonus when fighting bare-handed and dealing non-lethal damage.

Piercing strike – deals 3 damage, but lowers your toughness by 2 for 1d5 rounds.

Raised by the sword – gain a +1 attack bonus when engaging an opponent also wielding a sword.

Shield of the realm – when equipped with a shield, if an opponent’s melee attack roll against you is 1, it suffers 1 damage and is knocked prone.

Slayer – heal for 1 hit point each time you deal the fatal blow against an opponent.

True knight – gain +1 to your aspect score (this class ability cannot be combined with the slayer class ability).

Weather the storm – reduce the damage of an opponent’s successful attack. Cost: 1 power point per point of damage reduced.


Arcane fire – magic missile now deals 2 damage.

Evoker – the spell summon monster now summons a monster of your toughness + 1, and your amount of hit points rounded up + 2; additionally, the spell cost is reduced to 3 magic points.

Familiar – after you have tamed or befriended a non-intelligent creature, you bond it to you with arcane magic. This familiar may:

  • Attack once per combat encounter, and cast any spell you’ve already cast in that encounter.
  • Gain an additional attack if you roll a 1 in combat.

Plethoric casting – you learn 1 additional spell per level.

Polymorph – choose an animal and take its form; must be small-to-medium in size. Requires 1 combat round for transformation. Cost: 1 magic point.

Re-spell – you may re-cast any spell cast during your last combat round for half its cost in magic points. Cost: 1 power point.

Spell focus – enter a trance-like state of concentration on one opponent; all attack spells targeting that opponent deal double damage. If you move or attack another target, the spell focus is lost. Cost: this spell takes one combat turn to prepare.

Spell-steal – you may cast a spell that has affected you within the past two combat rounds for its cost in magic points.

Splash spell – on an attack roll of 10, your attack spell will deal equal damage to all entities in a 10-foot radius of the target.

War mage – gain +1 toughness.

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