Thoughts (#2)

For the past while, I’ve been (slowly) adjusting the narratives of The Broken Light and Blood & Salt to better align with some campaign material I’ve been developing for an even longer while. It’s become my main focus recently, though I continue work on other content too – chiefly, an official monster manual, random tables and background details for A01 and A02, and a variety of extra content (revived classes, new spells, and more).

About the the campaign: Adventures in the Greenrun (AitG) takes place on the continent of Glacia, an arctic-like land of mystery that is simultaneously brimming with life, yet sterilized by the merciless snow and ice that dominate its heaving landscape; rich in the history of the world, yet its deep knowledge is hidden to all; cut and carved by icy winds and roving glaciers, yet shaped and smoothed by rivers of melt-water thawed under the warming sun. In this land of tundra and taiga unfolds the dramatic story of a death-cult determined to bring the downfall of civilization, the dark and dangerous plots they weave, and a party of adventurers’ heroic efforts to stop them.

While work is (as usual) slow, it’s steady, and the framework for two additional adventures (Lonesome Western States and Into the Valley of Gardens, A03 and A04, respectively) is already in place, as well as an introductory document (A00) which will go into greater detail about the landscape, history, and settlements of Glacia.

To that end, I’m sharing a link to the TD10 working folder for a sneak-peek at all (raw, often-discarded) things currently in the works – including these budding adventures. I must stress that nothing contained herein is official; in fact, nearly all of it will change, and regularly. In sharing this content I hope only to demonstrate how TD10 can be used and made meaningfully yours.

And I’ve got one more thing: the Sounds of the Greenrun. It’s a small playlist of mostly ambient-electronic songs that capture the spirit of the Greenrun, and the vast, windswept continent of Glacia upon which it rests. I listen to it frequently when I work on AitG (or any time, really), and frankly, it’s filled with beautiful tunes from exceptionally talented artists. So fire it up, pop open the working folder, and listen deeply while you read about the mystical, mysterious Land of Glacia!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts (#2)

  1. Sounds very interesting, I’m really glad you’re still working on stuff for the system, Aaron. It’s very functional and versatile.
    I’m happy that I’ll be starting my second table as a master EVER, and both (my first and this one) were using your system.
    Keep it up, man. You’re doing amazing

    1. Thanks for the kind words – it’s very encouraging to hear!

      I’d be interested to know how your table goes, if you’d like to share your account of the action some day.

      Happy playing!

      1. I have shared your page with my players on a few ocassions. (I just sent my druid the link for the ‘summon beast’ spell) and I can’t quite discuss lots of details here, let’s just say there will be a lot of sodium chloride and hemoglobin in their next sessions. 😉

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