Thoughts (#4)

While work continues on core documents, I’ve been filling the space between with the Tiny d10 Wiki. In addition to hosting the (slightly more detailed) hypertext rules, I’ll be using it to organize resources that I personally utilize for game mastering: random generators, mapping software, and other tools that help flesh out game sessions.

I’d also be happy to see TD10 game masters and players expand on the content. The ruleset has matured enough to where I want to show – not tell – how we’re using it. The TD10 Wiki will be the place for all practical resources, tools, tips, additional content, and anything else that doesn’t fit in the core rules (or here on the notablog) that makes TD10 easier and more fun to use.

In the future, when I have more time (and if this new site proves valuable), I’ll migrate it to a self-hosted MediaWiki, mostly just to eliminate the unsightly advertisements plastered over page after page.

A quick aside:

I keep my personal life very separate from everything else. I’m an intensely private person, and while I enjoy the company of others, I have no close friends (admitting this is about as “close” as I get to other people). As a result, no one (in the real world) knows much about my hobbies, let alone that I’ve spent years of my life writing Tiny d10 (2013 to present day, wowee).

So the other week, when my co-workers expressed an interest in tabletop RPGs, I couldn’t help but to react like Norman Osborn:


False humility – I’m guilty. 🙂

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