Spell: Summon Monster (Magical)

[Note: This spell and associated elements (monsters, abilities, etc.) are deprecated, and are preserved here solely for use/adaptation by game masters]

Summon monster is an advanced magical spell for caster’s level 3 and above. It materializes a monster (T5-T7 [GM’s discretion]; 8-10 HP [GM’s discretion]; +1 to relevant attribute) to the summoner’s service. Unless otherwise noted, summoned monsters will de-materialize after 24 in-game hours. Cost: 6 magic points.

Summoner’s Table (Monsters)

Homunculi – a grotesque amalgam of flesh, sinew, and bone, the homunculi is deaf, blind, and exceedingly vicious. The homunculi locates its target using its acute sense of smell and ability to detect body heat. It cannot be commanded or controlled, but will not attack the summoner, or his or her allies. If the summoner uses an eyeball during the summoning of the homunculi, there is a 50% chance it will possess the power of sight (+2 attack bonus); on a natural 10, the homunculi attacks twice.

Undead skeleton – a humanoid skeleton, still glistening wet with blood, with a standard melee weapon of the summoner’s choice in hand. The undead skeleton will follow basic commands. If the summoner uses a a small weapon (dagger, short sword, etc) during the summoning of the undead skeleton, there is a 50% chance that it will materialize with chainmail, and 20% chance it will possess a weapon with a +2 damage bonus.

Black cloud – a wispy, cloud-like form of 5 feet x the summoner’s level in diameter, thick and dark as a shadow. The black cloud can be guided by the summoner’s gesture to any location within sight, obscuring the vision of any caught within its shroud; at the summoner’s command, the black cloud will emit a toxic gas, rendering all living entities within its shroud unconscious for 1d10 x the summoner’s level hours (may be used once per summon, or at the cost of 2 magic points). 

Dire vermin – a large (or swarm of small) aggressive vermin (rat, weasel, carrion bird, etc). Depending on the creature’s intelligence, it may follow basic commands; the vermin will not attack the summoner, or his or her allies. Dire vermin have a 50% chance of infecting their target on a successful attack (-1 toughness, -1 attack penalty for 1d5 rounds).

Faceless horror – a tall, featureless humanoid with moon-pale flesh and abnormally long limbs. The faceless horror strikes mortal terror into the hearts of all living creatures before it (save 12 or become paralyzed by fear for 1d10 + the summoner’s level amount of rounds). The faceless horror will not attack enemies, but will retaliate if attacked (+2 attack bonus, +3 damage bonus); it will accept a single command from the summoner, and pursue it until the command is fulfilled, or the horror is slain.

Oculoid – a single, bloodshot eye, roughly the size of a human head. The oculoid hovers in mid-air, and fires red beams of burning light at the command of the summoner.

Watcher – a hideous, rotting corpse of ghostly composition that is visible only to the summoner. The watcher will observe undetected anything it is commanded to by the summoner for 1d10 + the summoner’s level amount of hours, and report back in detail to the summoner.

Devil dog – a large, black dog with glimmering red eyes, the devil dog will ceaselessly stalk one target (+1 reflex; skills: +1 sneak, +1 hide) of the summoner’s bidding, striking when the target is alone and vulnerable. The devil dog will hunt until it or the target is slain.

Were-ape – dense, matted black fur covers the were-ape’s hulking frame, and ugly yellow fangs protrude from beneath its thick lips. Despite its abominable appearance, the were-ape remains calm as a well-trained dog until directed into action by its summoner. If not allowed to complete its commanded task, the were-ape can become enraged (+2 aspect, +2 power), and turn on its summoner, or his or her allies (the summoner must succeed an aspect challenge against it to regain control).

Warbird – standing tall as a man, the warbird’s feathers are black as night, and its eyes are dull and empty as coal. The warbird will not attack the summoner’s enemies, but will accept other commands from the summoner. To materialize the warbird, the summoner must use something iron and something leather during  the spell-casting, thus summoning the creature with light chainmail armor and a leather saddle-rigging.

Game masters might consider lowering the cost of the summon monster spell to 4 magic points in exchange for the summoner randomly rolling the monster that is summoned; this may include the monsters introduced here, as well as any other non-natural monsters. Alternatively, consider using spell components (like the homunculi’s eyeball, the undead skeleton’s dagger, or the warbird’s iron and leather items) to lower the cost of casting, should GMs or players find summon monster requires too many magic points to cast.

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