Table: 1d10 Spooky Events

Strange Happenings

Something foul is afoot. There is an unrest in folks around here, an unseasonable current in the air.

These sinister portents can occur at any time, and can be used to add atmosphere and suspense to a party’s investigation. At your discretion, roll 1d10, and use the table below to determine what event occurs.

1d10 Spooky Events

  1. Every mirror in town suddenly ceases to show the viewer’s reflection, and instead depicts a nearby, forgotten location shrouded in fog and mystery. This effect lasts for mere minutes, and ends as abruptly as it began.
  2. Grey storm clouds rapidly form over the town, thick and heavy, and unleash a torrent of dead, rotting fish. The deluge lasts for 1d10 minutes.
  3. A shadowy figure is spotted lurking just around a nearby corner. If pursued, nothing is found.
  4. The disembodied voices of missing villagers ring out in the silence.
  5. A murder of ravens descends upon the town. They are silent as death, and watch every passerby through ominous, empty eyes.
  6. Though the air is still, the trees surrounding the village rustle impatiently.
  7. Every door knob in the village twists and turns, as though it were being opened – yet no one is found on the other side.
  8. A sudden, powerful gust of wind tears at any caught within its gale. Those within hear the unsettling sound of human screams.
  9. Any form of illumination – torch or candle light, magical glow, etc – is suddenly extinguished. If this event occurs at night, even the stars seem to flicker in dark unison, though only for a moment – during which anyone outside will see a dim, red orb glowing ominously in the distance.
  10. A volley of rocks strikes a nearby building, breaking windows, damaging the exterior, and alarming its inhabitants, though the assailants are nowhere to be found, and leave no evidence of their attack – save for the rocks.

2 responses to “Table: 1d10 Spooky Events”

  1. The raven part fits perfectly with an NPC I was planning on introducing later into my campaing.
    I’ll give this good use.

    • Exciting! I was very happy with number five – they have a lot of opportunity as portents, harbingers, objects of scrying, etc. I’m glad to hear it will be put to good use! 🙂

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