Tables (#2)

Just in time for the weekend, here’s a preview of the monsters of the wilds of the Western States. I’m in the process of fleshing these creatures out in the upcoming (working-titled) Monsters: A Guide to Enemies and Opponents. You can find a very preliminary copy of the document here!


Italicized creatures will be included in Monsters, while non-italicized creatures can be portrayed to the game master’s liking. The wandering oracle could be a wild elf priestess in search of the party, for she has seen dark portents of the land’s future, or a blind, wizened human woman condemned to the hinterlands by those who fear her prophecies; the pilgrims may be a small group of religious devotees seeking spiritual clarity deep within the wilds, or a family of righteous believers fleeing persecution – whatever piques interest and provides new and exciting adventure opportunities.

If you can’t wait to throw some of these monsters into your adventures, many of them – like the owlbear, wight, or ogre – can be run through the d20-TD10 converter for some quick action! Other creatures – like the rolang, howler, or stormbird – are unique to TD10, and will take priority as I continue work on Monsters.

All ‘d20 System’ content used in compliance with the terms of the ‘d20 System’ Open Gaming License (OGL) v1.0a.

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