Monsters (#1)

Just in time for the weekend, here’s a preview of the monsters of the wilds of the Western States. I’m in the process of fleshing these creatures out in the upcoming (working-titled) Monsters: A Guide to Enemies and Opponents. You can find a very preliminary copy of the document here!


Italicized creatures will be included in Monsters, while non-italicized creatures can be portrayed to the game master’s liking. The wandering oracle could be a wild elf priestess in search of the party, for she has seen dark portents of the land’s future, or a blind, wizened human woman condemned to the hinterlands by those who fear her prophecies; the pilgrims may be a small group of religious devotees seeking spiritual clarity deep within the wilds, or a family of righteous believers fleeing persecution – whatever piques interest and provides new and exciting adventure opportunities.

If you can’t wait to throw some of these monsters into your adventures, many of them – like the owlbear, wight, or ogre – can be run through the d20-TD10 converter for some quick action! Other creatures – like the rolang, howler, or stormbird – are unique to TD10, and will take priority as I continue work on Monsters.

All ‘d20 System’ content used in compliance with the terms of the ‘d20 System’ Open Gaming License (OGL) v1.0a.

2 thoughts on “Monsters (#1)

  1. Any progress on these? I am very interested to see these unique monsters! Will there be monster creation tips in the new guide?

    1. Hello! Thanks for the inquiry! Yes, I’m still working on Monsters, though it’s currently slow-going: the A02 rewrite has been my main focus as of late (for better or worse). You can follow its development using the link above, and in the meantime, I’ll work on getting a new post up with ten unique-to-TD10 monsters – expect to see that soon! 🙂

      As far as monster creation tips, I’ll do my best to dissect the logic of monster design in the guide – please share any feedback you have regarding that!

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