Thoughts (#8)

A very quick update! I’ve published the preliminary core engine document, a bare-bones version of the system’s core rule set that presents “races, classes, and other system features in a genre-agnostic format. It is for use mostly by game designers who wish to adapt the Tiny D10 Core Rules to a different setting like horror, sci-fi, western,  and more.” Additionally, if you’d like to use the core engine document to adhere to TD10-style layout and formatting,  you can either download it using the link above in .doc format, or if using Google Drive, open the document from the link above and select File > Make a Copy… and select a folder in your Drive to create an editable copy.

For a (work-in-progress) example of the core engine in action, check out Tiny d10: Indy, an Indiana Jones-inspired rule set for pulpy, action-oriented role-play!

As always, your feedback is appreciated and encouraged – what concepts or components can be included in the core engine to make it best work for you?

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