Thoughts (#9)

As I run more games these days, I find myself in need of a little more structure – something to help smoothly manage the large amounts of information in even the smallest one-shot. So, I spent a little time working up the TD10 GM Tools sheet.

This very early beta document streamlines the management of important information like PC and monster stats, combat tracking, and adventure and encounter notes, and even includes a small graph for sketching maps and locations.

It can be found through the above embedded link, or in the Drive folder (Additional Content > Miscellaneous). Check the Source Docs folder for the editable version if you’d like to modify the tool-set for your own use.

Lastly, work continues on B02 – The Broken Face: the Christmas-themed, Grinch-inspired one-shot adventure. The final play-test is scheduled for this weekend, and the document should be ready for release shortly after.

In The Broken Face, the party arrive in the halfling village of Karachat, an alpine township perched high atop a snow-covered mountain range, and nestled between two towering peaks, known to locals as the Two Sisters. According to Karachat lore, the twin faces of the mountain were once a single peak, but were divided by their love for the sun. When the world was still young, one face reached for the sun as he rose in the east, the other as he set in the west, and thus they were split in two. The sun did not return their love and fled from their reach, taking with him his warmth, and the sisters were forever separated, cold and bitter and lonesome until the end of the earth itself.

It is here that a sister’s curse brings a plague of undead to the defenseless village, disrupting their Solstice Celebration, slaying livestock, and stealing residents away into the black night. Can the party break the curse, and restore the merriment of the season? Or will they succumb to the evil that dwells on an icy, windswept peak, grinding the ax with which it intends to cut down Karachat like a tree in a lonely forest?

Stay tuned!

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