Monsters (#3)

Still working on Monsters, making slow but steady progress. Nearly nine pages in length, I expect to wrap it up right at ten – meaning I’m nearly done, though not as near as it seems. All the same, I wanted to share here the dragons, which – while still being fleshed out – have evolved into particularly interesting creatures.


Ferocious relics of an untamed and merciless prehistoric world, dragons are creatures of legend and lore. Few have actually seen a dragon, and fewer still have lived to tell of it. Dragons come in a bewildering variety of shapes, sizes, colors, temperaments, and intelligence levels. Their commonalities generally consist of a reptilian gait, iron-hard scales, slashing claws, crushing jaws, and a shrewd disdain for the races of men.

Dragon, gold (T12; 22 HP, 3 MP, 6 PP; +3 power, +2 reflex) – so-called for its gold-plated hide, the gold dragon is covered head-to-tail in form-fitting golden “armor”. The typical gold dragon is fully-grown and possesses a grand hoard of the precious metal, which it liquifies using its fire breath and applies the molten product to its already iron-hard hide. While this is done for mostly vanity reasons, it also significantly increases the dragon’s already high toughness. The gold dragon has the following abilities:

  • Breath weapon (fire) – inflicts 1d10 damage; range of 60’; attack roll versus toughness. Cost: 2 power points.
  • Tail sweep – inflicts 1d5 damage and knocks the target 1d10 x 10’ away; on a natural 10, stuns the target for one combat round. Cost: 2 power points.

And the following spells:

  • Dragonspell (spell) – any entity which looks into the dragon’s eyes may become transfixed by its dragonspell, rendering them immobile for one combat round; save versus caster’s spell save. Cost: 1 magic point.

Dragon, silver (T10; 15 HP, 8 MP, 4 PP; +3 intellect) – Smaller, on average, than gold and stone dragons, the silver dragon is a unique species possessing silvery, glittering scales and a magical adeptness unrivaled by any other beast. Highly intelligent, they are descended unchanged of a very ancient breed, rightly believing themselves to be the first true “dragons”, and in their manner of speech and behavior, such conceit is apparent. Each silver dragon is wise beyond its years, despite lacking a written language and leading solitary lives, instead drawing its knowledge from some mysterious cosmic well in which both past and future are mixed like sand and salt in the ocean’s rolling waves. Silver dragons strongly dislike mankind, and have little love for other “evolved” races as well. Silver dragons have the following abilities:

  • Breath weapon (steam) – inflicts 1d5 damage; range of 30’; attack roll versus toughness. Cost: 2 power points.

And the following spells:

  • Dragonspell
  • Invisibility – the target becomes invisible for one minute, or until it attacks. Cost: 2 MP.
  • Silver spray – a ray of silver light surges at a target, inflicting 1d5 damage and permanently staining the flesh a metallic silver; save versus caster’s spell save. Cost: 2 MP per ray.
  • Telekinesis – move an object (of up to twice your weight) or an entity (must succeed a power challenge against the entity) with the power of your mind. Cost: 1 MP.
  • Time stop – within your line of sight, time freezes for 1d5 rounds. Cost: 5 MP.

Dragon, stone (T11; 20 HP, 4 PP; +2 attack, +1 damage) – rarest of dragons, the stone dragon is not actually a dragon, but rather a giant statue depicting a fearsome dragon and animated using an immensely powerful magic now long since lost to the world. The oldest legends of the land tell of a strange and ancient people who dwelt in stone castles of unimaginable size and incomprehensible antiquity, and breathed life into the mountains themselves. It is they who are supposed to have created the stone dragons that still inhabit the darkest, furthest reaches of the world. Little more than automatons, stone dragons are formidable opponents whose sole purpose is to guard an area – a watch they have kept since time immemorial. Stone dragons have the following abilities:

  • Breath weapon (necrotic) – inflicts 1d5 + 2 damage; range of 30’; attack roll versus toughness. Cost: 2 PP. Note: necrotic damage requires twice and long to heal/recover from.
  • Tail sweep

Many monsters in Monsters are presented in this format: a general introduction, followed by three sub-types with unique characteristics. Additionally, there can be found several tables and informational bits to aid GMs in creating their own monsters. Interested readers can get a preview here. Let me know if you’ve got any requests or suggestions regarding the finished document!

2 thoughts on “Monsters (#3)

  1. Any idea when this will be done? Sure would be helpful for running games. Also, I really like the dragons, especially the part about the silver dragons silver spray, cool idea for making a PC more interesting, having a silver “scar”.

    1. Hello there!

      First, let me say thanks for your interest!

      Next, I’ll say that I’m notoriously bad at timeliness, at least in my creative life (I’m normally an otherwise obsessively punctual person). I’ve announced time and again (over on Tweeter) that I’m “this close” to completing Monsters. Every time I say it, I believe it, even while fully aware of my struggles with promptness. But in truth – real truth, divested of optimism and self-deceit – I just can’t say for sure when I’ll have it done.

      That being said, I truly had no idea it’s been this long. I mean, this was published back in May. So, with that in mind, I will do my best to redouble my efforts and hammer out at least a few monsters a day. At that rate, we should see something resembling a “final” product within the next couple weeks.

      In the meantime, did you happen to check out the preview link in the post ( You might find it helpful – the document itself is about 70% complete, so perhaps you can make a little use of it.

      Warning: this is the copy that I am actively working on, so a good portion of what you see will be in an unedited, stream-of-consciousness form.

      Hope something I’ve said here helps or enlightens you. 🙂

      Stay well!

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