Thoughts (#16)

It’s been some time since I shared my thoughts here – not for lack of having them, but rather a lack of everything else. So, a few updates!

First, I recently reformatted the Fantasy Core Rules, and after some layout and stylistic changes, as well as paring down content and words, managed to reduce it from ten pages to just six! If you want to be technical, it’s really just three pages (when printing duplex). 🙂 Find it here – I’ll add it to the downloads page after a final review for grammar, spelling, and clarity. As always, your C&C are welcomed and sought-after!

Next, Monsters is undergoing near-final preparations for publication. As previously mentioned, I committed a week or so ago to completing at least one monster per day, and have held fast to that. At this point, there’s roughly ten more monsters to flesh out, a little clean up to perform, and some formatting to apply so that it conforms with the new core rules. Once that’s done, you’ll find it here as a PDF, as per usual. In the meantime, you can find the working document here!

Also, speaking of monsters, I have an ambitious plan to implement the well-known “Monster Monday” here at Tiny d10. Because Monsters is necessarily scant on details, Monster Monday (for at least the first 50 or so weeks) will enumerate, alphabetically, the monsters presented therein: analyzing their histories, motives, tactics, and other interesting information, similar to the treatment given by the excellent The Monsters Know blog. It should be fun to explore these creatures and enable GMs to better bring them to life at the table.

Finally, I’ve been running one of the hands-down best adventures – The Stygian Library – using Knave, an OSR-style, ultra-lightweight system. Creating characters in Knave is nothing short of an absolute blast, which has inspired me to come up with something of a hack for TD10. In brief, I’m adapting the Knave character creation tables to TD10 to provide an alternate, optional character creation process. This will be a separate document, apart from the core rules, and with all proper attributions – Creative Commons style. 🙂

So, give the updated rules a spin if you get the chance, enjoy the weekend, and stay tuned!

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