Thoughts (#17)

A new year moves quickly upon us, and with it, a new decade: a new locus on an old circle. Now, more than ever, is it apparent that “all things from eternity are of like forms and come round in a cycle”. 

With this in mind, it strikes me appropriate to announce the twilight of my efforts here. Due to a number of life and personal changes, my years of work on Tiny d10 will come to an end with this one. This website and its contents will remain available for as long as the Internet does, though the URL may revert to in my absence.

My deepest thanks to everyone for your contributions, from feedback to content to just playing the game. You have each given me your time, the most valuable gift. We will never have more of it; indeed, we have always had all the time there is.

In seeking to inhabit the furthest edge of the grid, I have found myself slipping from its surface and into the green beyond. There are no half-measures in this new and narrow world. I understand that now. I let go, fall, and am engulfed.

Life! A dream, a fearful dream.

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