Glacially (#1)

The Land of Glacia (Introduction)

There exists today a planet so distant from our own that its life-giving sun can be glimpsed only dimly, a mere pin-prick of ancient light scarcely visible in even the darkest of night skies. So unremarkable is this infinitesimal glow that you may have seen it without knowing it; more likely, though, you could spend your entire life searching for it and never even look in the right direction. Upon the surface of this planet that basks in this star’s clement glow is a land of deep mystery – deeper even than the sunken cities and extinguished races of our own Earth – that is steeped in histories both cherished by its peoples and lost to the dim mists of epochs long passed. This land comprises the farthest northern reaches of this planet, so hidden away from this sun that its rays reach it only icily. Here, there is light, mostly, but never warmth; here is the Land of Glacia.

A world in itself, so removed from the evolution of its host planet, Glacia holds wonders beyond comprehension – both to us and to the race of men who call this planet Wolfic. Of this race of men, little need be said, for their features and mannerisms are nearly identical to our own; so alike are they, in fact, that you or I could hardly distinguish one from the other. You may ask, “Why should this be? That men from an alien planet of unfathomable distance from our own should look and act and advance like us?” You are right to wonder. I have no answers, save for the supremacy of our design, itself a marvel of organic engineering. Perhaps it is that very few designs are permitted to survive in the harsh and merciless conditions to which life has been endlessly subjected, and that even fewer may thrive, for have we often thrived at the expense of creatures less equipped than ourselves.

Or perhaps it is that we are, after all, made in the image of some divine creator, and that we are not his or her only creations. And of this creator we may ask, is he a father or a master? Is she a mother or a mistress? Are these distant men our brothers, or our oppressors? Long have these questions dwelt in the minds of men, and longer still shall they continue, with no answer on even the remotest horizon.

Such missives aside, these men have dispersed across Wolfic much in the same way as ourselves on Earth, inhabiting at this juncture virtually every corner of the wide and wild world, living sometimes in lavish abundance, but most times barely subsisting; occasionally carving their names into the crumbling stone tablets of history, but more often disappearing forever from the minds of men. The latter is particularly true of the land called Glacia, where great riches lie trapped beneath its mantle of ice and stone, and most perish – or worse – in their pursuit of it. In this search, however, stories unfold whose themes we Earth-bound beings readily recognize: adventure & danger; magic & monsters; love & loss.

It is these stories that the Glacially series seeks to tell, from the mythic to the forgotten, the eponymous to the anonymous. Along the way, a hidden, parallel history will unfold, and its revelations will permanently change the face of Glacia… again.

Hushed in silence, we lose our way in the dark…

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