Thoughts (#20)

Everyone else is addressing it, so I might as well, too.

Health and wellness has, quite suddenly and understandably, become a primary concern for many people, dramatically outstripping our hollow obsessions with consumption, distraction, and entertainment. This radical re-prioritization of our collective consciousness is the perfect time to consider getting healthy, and staying healthy. At this point, you’re still more likely to suffer from stress (caused largely by the aforementioned fixations and their peripheral implications) or dietary & lifestyle-related diseases than you are any pandemic.

Now is the time to get right with nature, both your own and that of the natural world around you. Don’t hide from the sun: vitamin D is essential to resisting illness and overall all healthfulness. Don’t compromise your diet: proper nutrition factors critically into your ability to resist illness. Don’t stop being active: activity promotes mental, physical, and spiritual balance and health. Also, don’t abandon those who need you most during these times of increased psychological stress: be there for them, if not physically, then emotionally, and be strong.

The conditions imposed on us represent a significant change. There is growth and opportunity in change.

Final thought on this topic: At the risk of sounding political, turn off the news. As the Tao says, “There is a time to gather, and a time to release.” Now is the time to release. Let go of markets, statistics, theories; let go of electromagnetic ghosts; let go of fear. Walk upon the great path of life, and fear only straying from it.

Now, on to relevant topics!

I’ve seen an increase in traffic here in the past couple weeks, and I suspect it’s due to our current situation. Based on that – and that alone – I expect to see a growing interest in tabletop RPGs as people around the world look for things to take the place of their now restricted activities. For those of us who believe that this hobby is a valid form of social interaction (it is), this is good news! If you’re locked up with family or friends, particularly those who have never tried it out, now might be a good time to suggest it.

In addition to Tiny d10, there’s a number of free RPGs at your disposal. For those of you without anyone at the table, consider running a game online. This platform is free, system-agnostic, and fairly simple. While I haven’t actually used it yet, once things calm down on my end, I plan on running an adventure or two there. I don’t expect to get around to that for another couple weeks, but with the way things are going, I also don’t expect us to be any less isolated than we currently are. 🙂 If you’d like to get in on that, let me know here.

In the meantime, I continue to work on Monsters, in addition to pruning the volumes of notes regarding Adventures in the Greenrun! in hopes of eventually getting around to completing my rewrite/expansion of A01 & 02, and as always, tinkering with those soothing sounds from another planet.

To my American friends, trust in yourselves, your loved ones, and your intuitions – keep your eyes and minds opened, and be not quick to accept anything at face-value. To my international friends, many of whom are enduring much more drastic conditions that we in the U.S. (currently) are, take extra good care of yourselves and your loved ones.

True Persons do not hoard. Using all they have for others, they still have more. Giving all they have to others, they are richer than before. The way of heaven is to benefit and not to harm. The way of the True Reason is to assist without striving in the unfolding of the story of the earth. – Tao Te Ching

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