Rules: Core Engine & Indy (Update)

The Core Engine has received some much needed updating, both in terms of appearance and content. It has been formatted in accordance with the newest Tiny d10 style guidelines, which utilize two-column, wide-margin pages – now with page numbers! I’ll release a template with this format for use by game designers once I put some finishing touches on it. It will come as something of a “creator’s pack”, containing the Core Engine, template(s), style guidelines, TD10 logo, and any other content that might be useful to creators.

As far as content, the Core Engine now includes new guidance on creating abilities and spells, redesigning or modifying the magic system, and extending the TD10 engine overall. You can find the new .docx file here, and also over at the downloads page.

The Indy rule-set has received the same treatment as well. It may see a list of ten or so adventure hooks added in the near future, bringing its total page count to three; but in the meantime, it’s two full pages of new races, classes, and abilities (many of which can be easily adapted for use in TD10 fantasy). Find it here, or at the downloads page!

Additionally, I have preemptively published Fantasy Monsters, which you can find here, and as usual, at the downloads page. While I haven’t completed the illustrations yet, the content is clean enough to work with, so there’s no sense in holding it back any longer.

Finally, work continues on The Broken Light, and I’m very pleased with how it’s shaping up. Once that’s finished, I can focus all my efforts on formatting for physical publication! Still haven’t settled on any of the particulars, other than going through Lulu xPress – no dimensions, binding, print quality. So, if you’ve got any suggestions, let me know! In the meantime, I’ll be here and working on this and that. 🙂

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