Just a couple updates!

Firstly, I’ll be migrating the remaining posts here to the Tiny d10 wiki. That platform will work best for organizing actual content going forward. Afterwards, this page will be reserved for publishing announcements and updates.

Next, the fantasy core rules & monsters documents have been edited and formatted for print-on-demand “fantasy core” publication, though I don’t have a timeline on when the finished product will be made available for use. Lift up your eyes to the hills, in the meantime, from whence cometh the news!

Finally, I’ve decided against publishing A01, B01, and C01 with the fantasy core. Instead, I’m working on something that will be more useful to anyone picking up the system for the first time: Presenting the (work-in-progress) map for The Fort in the Hinterlands!

Heavily inspired by The Keep on the Borderlands, the Fort is a military outpost located in contested territory where the savage forces of cruel nature and determined civilization frequently clash. A nearby network of caverns is home to all manner of fell beasts and foul deeds whose existence constantly threatens to destroy the precarious order the Fort has established in the region. It is here, in the Hinterlands, where four-to-six players of levels 1-2 will find fame and fortune, adventure and peril!

This adventure will consist of three maps (the fort, a wilderness area, and the caverns) complete with detailed location information, as well as NPCs, random tables, encounters, and more. It will be “pick up and go” in every sense of the phrase, and should provide a good number of individual game sessions.

In the coming weeks, look to see the fort map finished, complete with numbered locations and corresponding location details, making it usable in your own games as the remainder of the adventure is finished.

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