Update: Giveaway

Well, it’s nearly done! Here you will find the next-to-final version of Tiny d10: Fantasy Core. This edition contains the revised Fantasy Core Rules and the revised Fantasy Monsters (both edited extensively for clarity and consistency) and the revised fantasy adventure, The Broken Light (rewritten from the ground up). Many things that needed to be fixed, balanced, clarified, etc. have been made so. I’m very excited about this, as compiling and editing a “complete” edition has long been one of my goals for the system.

However, I am only nearly done. All 53 pages (40 of which are actual content) need one final and meticulous round of editing. Which is where the giveaway comes in.

Here is the current Fantasy Core document. Over the next two days, anyone that catches five grammar, spelling, style, etc. errors that end up being corrected will receive a free copy of the Tiny d10: Fantasy Core print edition, which is two weeks or less from its first test printing run.

Otherwise, let me know your thoughts, before this thing is published indelibly, both digitally and physically! The time for constant and obsessive changes is drawing to a close…

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