Update: Fantasy Core Print Edition

The second version of Fantasy Core showed up a couple days ago! This version includes a handful of minor changes to the text, some small layout improvements, and a couple or three other new things.

It’s just slightly heftier than the previous version, but feels even better in the hand for it. Beyond that, little else has changed – same art, same content (for the most part).

Which leads me to one insignificant (but notable) change: poems struck me as necessary, for some reason, though exactly why still isn’t clear. All the same, R.E. Howard’s “Adventure” prefaces Book I, and his “Deeps” Book III. There was a gap that needed filling for Book II, and due to a lack of relevant stanzas, I was forced to fill it with “Ages”.

The book lays opened nicely, owing to its 71 letter-sized pages, making it functional as a manual.

Thicker, slightly, but not by much.

And now featuring a barcode (and ISBN), which I think is all it really needs to be sold in bookstores. As it happens, I’m friendly with my local independent bookstore proprietor, so I might see if he’d be interested in selling a few of these for me. Not that I expect too many people in my town of 2,000 to be interested in it, but every now and then an out-of-towner comes through (don’t worry, we chase them all out in due time).

Anyway, this print copy here was a final proof. I’ve sat on this thing long enough that my eyes are fresh again, and if I know my work, it could probably stand one last edit. In the meantime, if you want to take a chance, this very version is available for sale right now. If you don’t want to end up with a “Tiny d10: Fantasy Core (rare typo edition)” that 20 years from now will assuredly retail on eBay for far more than you originally purchased it, then standby another week or two and I’ll have the final final product up.

If I owe you one, let me know. After this is finalized, I’ll do a print run and get copies out to all the system’s contributors, whose work I am more grateful for than words (and free books) can express.

In the meantime, take care, my friends!

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