Race: Stoke

Stokes are a race of intelligent, bipedal weasels. They are short, lithe, and sinuous, dwelling in dense canopies and thick hedges, and living for 30+ years. Like most sentient beasts, they are imbued with natural magic. They gain: the charm skill; the listen skill; the sneak skill; and -1 to melee attacks against the stoke.

They have a toughness of 6 (T6); use middleweight weapons & below; use lightweight armor & below; and gain +1 power point and +2 magic points. Stokes begin with the following abilities:

Cat-like – your movement speed is fast; gain +1 to all reflex-based checks (not including attack rolls).

Spell-casting (natural) – start with 2 spells and cast natural spells for their cost in magic points; may not use any other type of spell.

Wild fury – on an attack roll of 10, inflict double the amount of damage.

Note: When playing a stoke, unlike when playing other races, the player does not select a class — stokes are both a race and a class.

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