Update: A New (Tiny) Setting

I’ve been reading the original Tarzan series aloud to the kids these days. With the aid of my friendly local used bookstore, we’re slowly amassing the whole 24-book collection, having recently purchased The Son of Tarzan and already eyeing Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar.

So it’s no surprise that jungles and mountains and ruined kingdoms peopled by forgotten races have filled my mind of late and inspired me to create just such a place: The Island of the Apemen, featuring — among others — the apemen found in Fantasy Monsters.

Following is just a very brief excerpt of this setting. As you read (and review the map), consider setting the mood with this.

The ocean is congenial and blue; the sand soft and white; the thick jungle that borders the shore green and sultry, and from its depths sound the varied calls of tropical birds. Huge mountains mass in the distance, the verdure clinging to their daunting heights in desultory clumps.

Visible from the beach, one peak in particular catches the eye: amongst a dense copse of green appears a small clearing, and huge stones – geometric and prominent – stand in sharp relief to the rugged mountain at their backs.

Just one or two more playtests before it’s released. Expect to see it in the next few weeks, with several adventures to follow! Note to GMs: If you’re interested in running an adventure in this setting, I could not more highly recommend both Burroughs’ Tarzan (linked above) and Pellucidar series to really get yourself in that headspace.

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