Rule: Monster Size

To improve the granularity and realism of combat, the optional “monster size” rule may be used. This rule increases or decreases an attacker’s odds of striking his or her target based on the size of the monster.

Extra small (XS) – -1 to melee and ranged attacks against extra small monsters (e.g. pixies, fairies, imps, etc.).

Small (S) – -1 to ranged attacks against small monsters (e.g. giant rats, blackscale leeches, cave nymphs, etc.).

Medium (M) – no effect (e.g. werewolves, humans, hobgoblins, etc.).

Large (L) – +1 to ranged attacks against large monsters (ogres, giants, basilisks, etc.).

Extra large (XL) – +1 to melee and ranged attacks against extra large monsters (dragons, bathemoths, tyrannosaurs, etc.).

Race: Stoke

Stokes are a race of intelligent, bipedal weasels. They are short, lithe, and sinuous, dwelling in dense canopies and thick hedges, and living for 30+ years. Like most sentient beasts, they are imbued with natural magic. They gain: the charm skill; the listen skill; the sneak skill; and -1 to melee attacks against the stoke.

They have a toughness of 6 (T6); use middleweight weapons & below; use lightweight armor & below; and gain +1 power point and +2 magic points. Stokes begin with the following abilities:

Cat-like – your movement speed is fast; gain +1 to all reflex-based checks (not including attack rolls).

Spell-casting (natural) – start with 2 spells and cast natural spells for their cost in magic points; may not use any other type of spell.

Wild fury – on an attack roll of 10, inflict double the amount of damage.

Note: When playing a stoke, unlike when playing other races, the player does not select a class — stokes are both a race and a class.

Class Ability: Guardian Angel (Cleric)

A cleric may, during character creation or at any time while praying in a temple, forgo one spell to obtain a guardian angel who will intercede on his or her behalf, proffering the following benefits:

  • If the cleric rolls a 1, he or she may reroll (once);
  • If the cleric receives a death-dealing blow, he or she may roll 1d10: if the result is 5 or higher, the blow misses;
  • If the cleric is attacking an evil entity, he or she inflicts +1 damage each successful attack.