This page contains a growing number of free downloads, including official and unofficial (i.e. contributed) content.

Fantasy Content

Tiny d10: Fantasy Core (Print | EPUB) – contains three books: Fantasy Core Rules, Fantasy Monsters, and The Broken Light (updated 7/17/21).

Tiny d10: Hedges & Hollows (v1) – two-page rules supplement that adds new races, monsters, and rules for generating a dungeon on the fly (work-in-progress).

Tiny d10: Mounts & Mammoths – one-page rules supplement that adds rules for mounted combat, and examples of mounts and riders (updated 12/5/20).

Tiny d10: Swamps & Slimes – one-page rules supplement that adds new races, monsters, and additional related content (soon-to-be released).

Additional Content

Tiny d10: Character Sheet – minimalist character sheet designed for use with multiple genres (updated 12/31/20).

Tiny d10: Indy – three-page rule-set for Indiana Jones-style play (updated 11/3/20).

Tiny d10: Core Engine – seven-page core engine in .doc format for use by game designers (updated 12/29/20).

Tiny d10: Western Core – contains three books: Western Core Rules, Western Monsters, and The Killers of Cutface Creek (slated for release in the latter half of 2021).

25-mile Hex Template – a simple hex template that includes three different nested hexes: 25 miles, 5 miles, and 1 mile.

Supplementary Content – all relevant Tiny d10 content not included here (archives, development tools, miscellany, etc.).


Tiny d10: Character generator & character sheet (v5) by Maarten Oord – a fantastic, web-based character generation tool, complete with a PDF character sheet!

Tiny d10: Tweaked by Robert Wellinghurst – a full-featured expansion of Tiny d10: Fantasy Core Rules, complete with fascinating new details on races, classes, and more!

Tiny d10: Starfall & Hydrox by Joel Barnes – a sci-fi rule-set (Starfall) that introduces new mechanics and modified classes, and a far-out, far-flung campaign setting (Hydrox) where magic and science are intertwined!

Tiny d10: Starlight & The Eldritch ’20s by Dallas O. – a space-faring expansion (Starlight) and Lovecraftian rule-set (The Eldritch ’20s), full of excellent new classes, spells, and mechanics!

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58 responses to “Downloads”

    • Thanks for your interest in some of my other work! I didn’t know anyone was using any of it, so I temporarily removed much of it for editing.

      Nothing has changed, unfortunately, but if you find them useful, I put it back up for you!

      • Great! Unfortunately, the longer core rules will not be making a comeback, but The Broken Light has, and the home-brewing guide is in the works!

        In addition, I’ve finished the final two supplements and am just polishing them up. Expect to see them soon!

  1. Hey, I’m really interested in this RPG and I’d love to see some new adventures for it! I’m new to tabletop rpg and I’ve tried D&D and Pathfinder but this one is more simple and I really enjoy it! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Alex! I’ve got a few adventures in the works; I’m currently testing one in particular that I think would adapt well.

      I’m glad you’re finding TD10 to be a simpler alternative to more popular RPGs – that’s what it’s here for, after all!

      Thanks again, I’ll do my best to keep it up!

  2. This is a neat little roleplaying system. I do a lot of heavy playing but this one is so small and has made the perfect one for travel and a quick adventure

    • Thanks! That’s really what it’s meant for – one shots and short adventures, an RPG for parties or newcomers. I’m working on expanding the content (to make GMs’ lives easier), so keep your eyes opened for that!

  3. we a small group of people from Denmark, we spoke about playing some sort of rpg, and i think we found the best choice for us, we’re 16 years of age and wanted to play a simpler version of D&D but we fund something much better, THIS! thank you for the craftmenship and time you spent on this! =)

    • Thank you for giving Tiny d10 a try! I’m glad to hear that it suits your needs – it’s very nice to hear.

      If you’ve got the time, I’d love to hear about how your game goes. Drop me a line whenever and let me know!

      • Is there some sort of monster cheat sheet or creating guide? y’ know since i have zero experience making ecounters/monsters/enemies

      • It is the next thing in the works – a GM’s manual that offers guidance for creating monsters, weapons, adventures, and more.

        It will likely begin as a blog post that I continuously build on, and once I have enough material, I’ll turn it into a core document.

  4. I am new to tabletop RPG and while me and my friend failed to figure out D&D alone, tindy D10 was a perfect choice. Though i am not from an english-speaking country, me and my friends had no problem understanding the rules. I play now and than, even when traveling, when limited space is availble.
    i have a few sugestions:
    -maybe bring back the old adventures ? They were fun, especially The Broken light as it was simple and perfect for the first game, to learn the mechanics.
    -Collecting all the things created in Home-brewing sessions into PDFs, maybe monsetrs manual, and maybe expanded additional classes and weapons. The way You, as the creator would see it fit. (muredrous well, where is the well? 😀 )
    -Maybe it is my unexperienced point of view, but the game for mages gets rather boring, when you can cast 2-3 spells during an encounter, and later have only magic missile. I dont know, again, it may be only my impression, maybe 2-3 spells are enough, but something to think about.

    In general, i love this system, the compact form and flexibility is beautifull, keep up the good work!

    • Hi, Peter!

      Thanks a lot for your comments. Knowing people are getting use out of Tiny d10 really keeps me going. To address your comments:

      – I am in the process of updating the old adventures. They’re quite at odds with the current rules version. I’ll put doing that at the top of my priorities list!

      – I’m also writing a supplement that includes six new classes, four new races, two new types of magic and anything else I can squeeze into two pages! A monster manual is definitely in TD10’s future.

      – About the well! I’m also updating all the monsters I’ve previously published as, like the adventures, they’re considerably out of date!

      – I completely understand your concerns about the magi. I think I’ve fixed that problem with the newest update (v4.1), which includes rules for regenerating MP in-game. Also, the advancement system has been updated to include gaining new spells, in addition to more MP.

      Again, thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience. It’s hugely helpful as I’m always trying to make TD10 a better RPG.


  5. Hi, i have to say that i love tiny D10.
    I am new to tebletop RPGs and i already failed at figuring out D&D with my friend by ourselves, but tiny D10 is so much easyer! Though i am from a non-english speaking country, me and my friends had no problem understanding the rules, even those with rather bad english. I very much like the compact size, it is perfect for travel, and we already had some games with only limited space availble, no problem whatsoever.
    i have few thoughts to share:
    -From our games, i have an impression that mages are a bit limited. As i said, this may be my unexperienced point of view, but during a rather long time (4 hours can contain multiple epic encouters with need of jaw-dropping magic) mage is limited to 2-3 spells and than, only magic missile. Again, maybe we are unexperienced, but something to think about.
    -Please, bring back the old adventures, especially The Broken Light, as it was very easy and perfect for the first-time players.
    i am looking forward to the monsters manual.
    In generall, i love the system, as it is easy to learn, easy to play. Good for short plays, but also versatile, allowing for longer, more story telling, less “playing” games.
    Keep up the great work man. 😀

  6. Hey there!

    Quick question, is there going to be a more in-depth rulebook as you expand the game?

    Also, I write as a hobby, so if you ever would like a few ideas let me know, I may be able to think up some basic ideas. 🙂

    Love the game!

    • Hello!

      I will likely not expand the game. More than once I’ve tried to write a more in-depth version, but each time I do, it changes the essence of TD10 far more than I’m comfortable with. It’s an unfortunate truth for me to accept, but I must nonetheless.

      I would, however, love to hear your ideas for the system. Perhaps a plot I could turn into the next adventure? 🙂

    • I didn’t even consider that! I’ll defintely put together a complete package today.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      • That’s great to hear! I’ve been dragging my feet for a while now, so maybe the time has come to get back in.

        What would you like to see as far as new material?

      • As some others have already stated, a monsters and/or weapons creation guide would be very useful. I’m mastering the first adventure (The broken light) to my girlfriend and her brother (the later is a first timer playing a tabletop rpg and is really excited about it). And as a fairly new GM myself I would really appreciate a guide for any of these stuff, so I don’t break the game for them with badly balanced items or very difficult monsters. Again, thank you for your hard work and congratulations for creating something as interesting and fun as this game is. Regards from Argentina.

      • Thanks for the feedback and support! If you want to share your account of play, let me know and I can post it on the blog.

        Also, today marks the beginning of a three-day weekend for me, so I make this solemn vow: I will publish a monster manual (complete with both ready-to-play monsters and advice for creating your own) within 72 hours of this comment.

        Thanks again, and I hope to hear more about you and your party’s adventures!

  7. Are you going to be replacing the maps to Broken light? I remember coming here a long time ago and I thought there were maps. I am really interested in running it will some new people at my D&D group.

    • Yes! I actually meant to hire an artist to reproduce the map, but haven’t got around to it.

      I can add some temporary maps for the time being. Stay tuned!

  8. I am so hyped! I finally find something that’s just starting! I’ve been searching for extremely plain MMORPGs in the works all my life! finding a TABLETOP RPG, WAAAAY COOOOLER!!!!! 😀

    • Hello, and thanks for the comment! I’m in the process of reviving TD10, in a way, so I appreciate your interest.

      If you ever end up using it, I’d love to hear about your experience!

  9. Hey, thanks for making this game. I really enjoy it, and play it every weekend with my friends. I’ve created a few adventures myself for this game, and I was wondering how to make them public. Thanks, Ashish.

    • Also, I just love the bard class and the holy temples supplement from the Archives. I’m planning on using them for the next adventure. If possible, could you put them in the All Content folder? It would make it a lot easier to find.
      In addition to that, thanks a ton for making this. I’ve found it a lot easier to GM than many other TRPGs and brings my friends together every weekend.

      • Hello, Ashish! Thanks for your feedback – I’m glad to hear that some of the less-known material is getting a little use! I can definitely add those supplements to the All Content directory.

        Also, I’m glad to hear that GMing TD10 is easy! That’s the whole point, really: to make tabletop RPGs just a bit faster and easier for everyone involved.

        Thanks again for taking the time to share your comments!

    • That’s excellent to hear! I’d be more than happy to share your adventures through the site. I recommend using Google Docs (or an alternative file-hosting site) to host your content, the link to which I’ll share here.

      If you’d like to discuss options further, DM me at Twitter (@td10rpg)!


  10. Are you planning on introducing a list of monsters and their stats, like the Monster Manual from Dungeons and Dragons?

    • Yes, I do have a very preliminary document in the works, which will soon be available in the Google Drive All Content folder. In the meantime, you might check out Robert Wellinghurst’s “Tiny d10: Tweaked”, which has a comprehensive list of monsters and stats! 🙂

  11. Aaron, I’m using the tweaked tiny d10 rulebook and starting a table next weekend, I wanted to ask Robert how does exactly the ‘blood bind’ spell work and how many turns does it last in combat, since one of my players created a sorcerer, has this spell and the description doesn’t specify duration. Ty in advance, and I hope to see more content from both of you.

    • Glad to hear you’re starting another game – good luck!

      And as it’s written, blood bind has no duration, so can last: 1) until the target dies or the caster cancels the spell; 2) until the end of the combat encounter; 3) 1d5 + the caster’s level amount of rounds.

      If you’re concerned the spell will be too powerful as written, consider increasing its cost in magic points.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Yes, thank you so much for the quick answer! We settled for 1d4 rounds and he can chose one extra spell for the natural/magic spell pool ( Actually, it was heal, because the party didn’t had a healer). We’ll see how it turns out.

  12. Am I crazy or there was NPC and monsters sheets at some point? (I know there was, I have some printed but I alredy used them and it seems I didn’t save the file, and I’m in desperate need of printing more)
    I just found one I didn’t use, so, I’ll scan that one for now, but I think other people would greatly benefit from having them reuploaded. As always, thanks, Aaron, for all the hard work put into this.

      • Yes! Robert created two versions of an NPC/monster sheet which are available through his link above. I haven’t created anything for the official system, but I have been tinkering with some GM tools (party stat blocks, initiative tracking, NPC/monster stat blocks, etc) that would (in theory) be released with the new character sheet (which might see the light of day in the not-too-distant future).

        The NPC sheet you shared looks good! Did you create it, or just clean it up? If you created it, I’d like to share it under the “Contributions” section on this page. If you didn’t, we’ll just leave it here in this comment, and it can be used by anyone in need! 🙂

    • Hello, Cody!

      I don’t mind in the least! And I’d like to share it here, once you’ve finished it! It would make a great addition to the existing contributed works.

      If you’re interested in using the core engine document to make your adjustments, keep your eyes opened for the newest formatting, which I’ll be putting up here in the next couple days. This layout is more print-friendly, uses larger font, and better headings, among a few other improvements.

      Good luck, and I’m happy to be a resource if you have any questions!


  13. Hi, Absolutely love this system and have been using it for a while.
    Please forgive my ignorance, but I just wanted to check on the CC licensing situation with the TinyD10 rules: Am I free to use these rules, or a modified version, in a commercial product? I have a new rpg that I am intending to launch on Kickstarter next year, and hoped to use a slightly simplified variant of this system? Thank you 🙂

    • Hello, Andy!

      Glad to hear you’ve been getting some use out of the system, and thanks for your kind words!

      Regarding licensing: Yes, you are completely free to use Tiny d10 in a commercial product! All you need to do is give appropriate attribution (something like “uses/based on the Tiny d10 system”), and apply the same license (CC-BY SA 4.0) to your modified work. Otherwise, you can do as you wish!

      Very exciting news about your Kickstarter! When you’ve got it up and running, be sure to let me know! I’d love to pledge, and to share it here — I know several other players who would also be happy to help fund it.

      Thanks for checking in, and let me know if you have any additional questions along the way.

      Best of luck, sir!

      • Thanks so much for that. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as this progresses. Really appreciate your support. Thank you. 🙂

  14. Hey Aaron.

    I was looking through your system and am enjoying the simple system for planning simple games.
    I’ve dove into formal game development during this pandemic and I was going to inform you that your system seems perfect for integrating and tweaking into a simple rpg style game – especially automating success/fail scenarios.
    (For fun. But I still give credit where credit is due!)

    I’ve noticed that you’ve commented on rewriting a core series once or twice, and I don’t see it listed in the downloads. Is it combined into another set or do you have an older, more-barebones manual-like file I could reference?
    The more barebones it is, the easier a time I have designing off it.

    Keep up the good work, Aaron! You’re doing games and gamers the world over a service by putting content out there like this.

    • Hello, Ryter!

      Thanks for your interest in adapting Tiny d10 to your own creations! The idea of automatic outcomes is a very interesting one — I’d like very much to see how you implement that!

      There’s a lot of opportunity here to strip away many of the mechanics to produce an even simpler system. This is because over the years, TD10 has slowly but steadily amassed more rules, growing in that time from one page to ten pages, but the core functionality has remained largely unchanged.

      So, regarding barebones documentation, I’ve got a lot of it! I’ll pull a few things together today and make them available through the TD10 Google Drive folder (which I have temporarily removed for maintenance). Once that’s done, I’ll send you an email!

      Thank you, again, for your interest, and for your kind words! I look forward to helping out in any way I can!

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