Rules: Adventure Conversion Guide

Introduction Contained herein are loose guidelines to aid game masters in the conversion of adventures and content into content that is compatible with Tiny d10. As you use this material, keep in mind the Golden Rule of Conversion: Convert only what is necessary. Published adventures often work best as sources of inspiration and guidance, and … Continue reading Rules: Adventure Conversion Guide

Spell: Summon Beast (Natural)

Summon beast is an advanced natural spell for caster’s level 3 and above. It materializes a beast (T6-T8 [GM’s discretion]; 7-9 HP [GM’s discretion]; +1 to relevant attribute) to the summoner’s service. Unless otherwise noted, summoned beasts will de-materialize after 24 in-game hours. Cost: 6 magic points. Summoner’s Table (Beasts) Giant bat - glittering onyx-eyes … Continue reading Spell: Summon Beast (Natural)