Spell: Summon Monster (Magical)

Summon monster is an advanced magical spell for caster’s level 3 and above. It materializes a monster (T5-T7 [GM's discretion]; 8-10 HP [GM's discretion]; +1 to relevant attribute) to the summoner’s service. Unless otherwise noted, summoned monsters will de-materialize after 24 in-game hours. Cost: 6 magic points. Summoner’s Table (Monsters) Homunculi - a grotesque amalgam … Continue reading Spell: Summon Monster (Magical)

Table: d20-to-TD10 Conversion

The conversion table uses the 'd20 System' concept of the challenge rating to scale monsters down to Tiny d10 toughness levels, producing creatures of equivalent difficulty to their d20-based counterparts. It's a flexible tool, and provides a general framework for well-balanced conversions while allowing game masters the freedom to adapt, adjust, or eliminate components to make as simple … Continue reading Table: d20-to-TD10 Conversion