Update #1: Announcing Tiny d10: Fantasy Monsters

After at least two years of abandoned works-in-progress, failed starts, and general creative malaise, I am pleased to announce that the official monster manual – and companion to Tiny d10: Fantasy Core Rules – is ready for preliminary publication! Introducing Tiny d10: Fantasy Monsters v0.1!

This is, of course, not the final version – there are several changes yet to be made, including the addition of illustrations, several rounds of editing, some minor formatting tweaks, and the like. For this reason, I won’t yet be making it available over at the downloads page, but it is an otherwise fully usable document!

With that said, on to a little housekeeping!

  • I will be deleting the Twitter account associated with Tiny d10. This is for a number of reasons, but mostly because it’s just not been very useful. Anyone wishing to get in touch with me can do so here.
  • Over the next few days, I will be editing and re-titling all content published on the notablog to make it more searchable and useful. Posts will be consolidated and extraneous, non-usable information (like updates) will be either moved or removed.
  • Related to that effort, I will be restructuring the site to be a little more usable in general, adding some new pages to reflect the more active position I’ll be taking as TD10 heads into the future.

And on that note, some things on the horizon!

  • A print edition of the combined core rules and monster manual. I’m also giving serious consideration to hammering out (yet another) rewrite of A01: The Broken Light and including it in the print edition. While I won’t be selling these, I will make the print-on-demand files available to anyone wanting to purchase one from the publisher. I’m looking at using Lulu Press, so if you have any experience with them, or have an opinion on the format I should use, let me know! I’m kind of leaning toward something small, almost pocket-able, despite it not being the user-friendliest format – someone talk me out of that!
  • A full rewrite of A01 & A02, and the publication of a never-before-seen A03. As I mentioned, I’m already planning to rewrite A01, but that’s not all! I’ve learned a lot in the past couple years in regards to writing in general, and adventure writing in particular. So, I think I’m going to take another stab at rewriting A02: Blood & Salt, too – a much larger, more expansive adventure, as well as finally putting together A03: Lonesome Western States.
  • A more active notablog. I’ll be using the notablog more moving forward, less for updating (i.e. babbling) and more for introducing “apocryphal” content outside of the core documents (new classes, monsters, spells, and more) and consolidating existing content into reference pages (master lists for abilities, spells, new appendices, and more). I’ll probably start by expanding Appendix C, as I was pretty disappointed to have to cut several great authors and resources from it due to space constraints. I’m also considering an Appendix M (I’ll retcon D-L, certainly I’ll find something to fill them with) on musical recommendations for writing ambience, table atmosphere, and general creative inspiration.

In the meantime, and as usual, stay tuned – things are happening faster than ever, and I suspect that Tiny d10 is moving into a more active, interesting chapter. Only time will tell, but I’ve got a good feeling these days.

Update #2: Tiny d10’s First Giveaway

The winged draconid (found here, on page 3) was inspired by one of my favorite works of fiction. In recent weeks, I’ve left a number of clues as to its origin.

The first person to correctly identify the source of this creature’s inspiration will receive a free copy of the soon-to-be-printed Tiny d10: Fantasy Core, which will include Fantasy Core Rules, the recently published Fantasy Monsters, and a yet-to-be-revealed rewrite of The Broken Light.

Keep in mind that I am advertising this giveaway before Fantasy Core is actually published, as I expect it to take a while before someone gets it right – the pages from which the winged draconid has flown are not that obscure, but also not that popular. However, if you happen to quickly identify it, know that there will be something of a delay in the receipt of your prize.


Semi-public musings of a rhetorical nature; though, don’t be shy to share your own!

4/19/20 – As I prepare content for publication – real, physical (self-)publication – I realize that for the past several years, most of my efforts have consisted of rewriting, reworking, and reiterating stuff I created years ago. Not sure why that is. In my head, I’m stuck in that world, but I’m apprehensive to move deeper into it. There’s a certain sense of business unfinished. I’m hoping to lay it to rest with this new milestone, and forge ahead into a place that I can see so clearly in my mind, but struggle to expound. We’ll see.

4/23/20 – Wow, is this rewrite coming along. The Broken Light is turning into the adventure I always knew it could be – and quickly! I expect to have a preliminary version available as early as next week.

Also, I’ve got this vague notion of “workshopping” TD10. Haven’t really fleshed it out yet, but in short, I think we need to draw closer to one another – particularly during these times, when it seems like we’re being forced apart. I think doing workshops – where we get together (through some online platform) and chat about the game, writing adventures, rules, creating supplementary content, etc – might be a way to get close. More on this later – I’ll let it fester bit. 🙂

5/4/20 – Well, in true form, the rewrite has slowed to a crawl, but for a number of good reasons! Major progress has been made on expanding my farm, which has monopolized every free minute I have. Spring is finally upon us, and though there’s still snow everywhere (and the lake is still frozen), the time has come to build. Between getting up the new goat shelter and chicken coop/run, growing the brood (about 75 chickens when all is said and done), sowing seeds and transplanting starters, and getting the bees in order, there’s not been much time for writing. Not that I’m complaining – self-sufficiency has been my primary focus for years now, and I’m loving every minute of cultivating it.

All the same, there’s been furious and sporadic note-taking, along with a few substantive sketches of the new map for the Caverns Below area. I’d estimate the adventure to be about halfway complete, and just to (potentially) get some fresh eyes on it, you can find a two-page preview here.

Still festering on the “workshop” idea, but in the meantime, I’m putting together some nice, user-friendly templates for rules and adventure additions. Also, Appendix M is cooking right along, so expect to see an official resource for ambient music for writing, adventuring, and sounds that resonate with the spirit of the Greenrun!

5/6/20 – Quite often, I use the search query “free tabletop RPGs” in hopes of finding unique and well-designed systems that introduce new elements of game-play not provided by Tiny d10. Sometimes the imagination wants to go on a walk in a different part of the woods. This is how I ended up running The Stygian Library with Knave – a great adventure on a solid system.

Each time I do this, however, I am reminded that the world of tabletop RPGs is just as susceptible to consumerization as anything (and everything) else. This explains why the majority of results include the same “quirky” games, created by the same “quirky” designers, promoted by the same “entertainment” platforms, and bearing actual play accounts of Princess Peaches, barber-surgeons, and other “quirky” characters.

Now, I’m not a tabletop purist, obviously. In many ways, I have blasphemed the hobby – if OD&D was Orthodox Christianity, Tiny d10 would be Mormonism. Nor have I ever been described as an overly serious guy – I’m actually pretty easy-going.

But let’s call these “games” and the experiences they produce what they are: disingenuous pandering for the purpose of further commodifying (i.e. consumerizing) tabletop RPGs.

And just to be clear: This is not a critical analysis of game design and principles. I am speaking here as a game master/player, and not as a game creator. I really don’t consider myself a creator in the first place, so it’s difficult to talk like one. I consider TD10 a living entity, a sequence of numbers and notions that revealed themselves to me after close and careful inspection, and not as something I assembled of distinct and separate components. I’m not sure if it comes off that way, but I treat it as such all the same. It doesn’t belong to me, but to the pages of history and the unfolding present from which it proceeds organically.

This is simply an observation that many highly promoted “independent” tabletop RPGs are the functional equivalent of an episode of “The Big Bang Theory”.

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